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When you want to give up, GOD UP.

Just like Paul did. When he got weary, he went straight to God. If we tend to throw in the towel quickly it is usually because we rely on ourselves. Sometimes it’s because we begin a pursuit of a desired state of change only halfheartedly. We don’t fully commit or we don’t have a clear vision of what it is God is calling us to become.

I have done that with healthy eating. I knew I needed to eat better, drink more water and consume less coffee but I justified my lack of doing so because I didn’t have time or I was too tired. I chose the easier, faster way-fast food and sweets. A few months later I ended up sick. I lost two weeks of work because I had one bout of pneumonia, bronchitis, and strep throat after another. I also incurred nearly $3000 in doctor’s bills. Was it really the easier, faster way?

What is it that you are working towards? Are you about to give up? Before doing so ask yourself a couple questions: Have you invited God into the process? Do you pray each day asking Him to help you? In my healthy eating journey, I was relying on myself. I didn’t call upon God to help me make better choices or to change my view on fast food and sweets. If you are ready to give up, do what Paul did and God up. Go to your heavenly Father and pour your heart out to Him. 

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