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Below you find articles related to addiction and recovery to assist you on your road to recovery


Sometimes the path of recovery can feel like a never-ending challenge. We live in a society that wants quick fixes and

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Tools for Success

Below are worksheets, guides and other helpful tools to help you on your recovery journey

Recommended Books

These are books that I have read and found helpful, I believe they could be helpful to you too

Life Recovery Workbook Bible

by Stephen Arterburn

This Naked Mind

by Annie Grace

I Want to Change My Life

by Steven M. Melems, MD

Celebrate Recovery 365 Daily Devotional

by John Baker & Mac Owen

Drop the Rock

by Bill P., Todd W., Sara S.

When Food is Comfort

by Julie M. Simon

Spent : Break the Buying Obsession & Discover Your True Worth

by Sally Palaian, PHD

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

by Bill W.

Sweet Surrender

by Pam from Auburn, MA

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